By way of introduction, ideas for this website have been long in the making. I have been collecting family history information for 15 years now, and have heretofore either not published it, or, in just a few cases,  have relied on web hosting  very generously provided by my former employer,  Florida International University (FIU)…

In January 2016, hardware changes at FIU made my on-line offerings of the Askew Family Website and finding Our Irish Roots impossible to continue. This was the catalyst that prompted me to establish and pay for this site so that I have complete control of information that I feel needs to be broadcast.

I have made discoveries in scores of families including those of my own, my spouse’s,  my friends’, and others related to them.   Just a few of the sets of information I soon hope to cover:

A Tribute To Artist David Lax —  prominent artist who gave my father his first job when he arrived in New York City at age 19.

Our Irish Roots –- family history of Bruce L. Keenan of West Virginia & Oklahoma, including associated family of Thomas McDonough

Askew Family Website —  family history of Joshua Askew of Georgia, including associated families of Hearn, Alford, Hancock, and Beach

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